A unique cooling method that cools via the nasal cavity


The QuickCool® SYSTEM regulates the body temperature of patients at risk of oxygen deprivation due to illness, accident or trauma. The cooling method is unique, as the system cools via the body’s built-in heat exchanger: the nasal cavity.

As the nasal cavity is close to the brain, the cooling process to protect the brain is rapidly initiated. Medical staff can work and carry out treatment, such as defibrillation or chest compression, unhindered by the cooling system.

The QuickCool® SYSTEM ensures stable, high-precision temperature control for the patient. The cooling chain remains unbroken from the moment the target temperature is reached to the moment cooling is no longer required.

There is a built-in automatic function to ensure a return to normal body temperature (normothermia) when the cooling treatment ceases, which reduces the risk of fever peaks.

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Unbroken cooling chain


The system offers an unbroken cooling chain – from application in an emergency care or intensive care unit to the end of the cooling treatment, possibly at another medical care unit.



The unit is hung on the patient’s bed and automatically switches to battery power when no mains power is available. This means secure temperature control is also provided during transfer and transport of the patient.

Easy to use


The QuickCool® SYSTEM is easy to use – medical staff require only a short introduction before using the system. 

Safe usage


The treatment is non-invasive and does not irritate blood vessels or affect the patient’s circulatory system.

Balloon catheters


The balloon catheters, made of a very thin, soft and supple material, are mounted on flexible, thin tubes, which make it easy to introduce them into the nasal cavity.


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